The Aquarian Teacher™ KRI Level Two

Teacher Training Program

Authentic Relationships

January 12th-14th 2018 and April 27th-29th

  8:00am-5:30pm Friday-Sunday

This module of the KRI Level Two Certification Program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a full 6 days of concentrated teaching and practiced over 2 three day weekends. 

Price Pricing Schedulde:Early Registration Price: $995  NLT December 1st, 2107.  Full Registration Price: $1095 

Registration includes Manual and DVD’s of Yogi Bhajan that accompany the course.

Level One Certification is a prerequisite. This module is one of five for KRI Level 2 Practitioner Certification.

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Course Summary:

Integrate authentic relationships into your life and your teaching. Explore and understand how we form, sustain and honor relationships.

Our success as Kundalini Yoga teachers and as conscious human beings depends on our capacity to be authentic and respond from our hearts; our primary objective is to examine our relationships and improve our effectiveness, authenticity and awareness within them.

          Key Topics:

  • Explore what an authentic relationships and what it’s not
  • Relate to your soul as the foundation for authentic relationships
  • Understand the special challenges that long-term relationships and marriage face in the Aquarian Age
  • Identify the common ways we make relationships fail
  • Develop self-love as a key to authentic relationships
  • Identify our core paradox and transform it from problem to opportunity
  • Create a conscious relationship with your own masculine and feminine energies
  • Develop Sacred Community

Meet our Teachers:

Siri Sat Kaur
​​Siri Sat embodies an elegant and precise approach to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. She is a Lead Teacher Trainer with a specialty in Posture and Alignment enhanced by earlier training as a professional dancer and choreographer. She is a coordinator of the Kundalini Medicine Yoga Therapy Training worldwide and a Kundalini Yoga Therapist well grounded in Sat Nam Rasayan and other forms of energetic healings. She has an international profile and extensive experience of teaching in a wide variety of arenas with a home base in New York City as part of the Golden Bridge Yoga NYC teaching team. Siri Sat is the Founder/Director of Kundalini Yatras Inc., leading meditative journeys to sacred lands such as India and Mexico. She is known for teaching with clarity and impact as well as warmth and a sense of humor.
Guru Dharam Khalsa

Guru Dharam has taught Kundalini yoga since 1979. He founded the Lotus Healing Centre, a multidisciplinary holistic facility, in London in 1989 and served as the Vice Principal of the London Academy of Oriental Medicine until 1997. His formal qualifications have been complemented by intensive post graduate interdisciplinary study of the esoteric; Kabbalah, MesoAmerican Shamanic Dreaming, West African healing practice and many years study of the Mastery Path, White Lotus healing, Black Hat Feng Shui and the Red Thread empowerments. Since 1980 Guru Dharam has developed a practical system of Yogic Therapy, applying the science of Kundalini, mantra and visualization, helping to empower many thousands of people toward a healthier and happier life. As Director of the Kundalini Medicine initiative Guru Dharam has developed the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training as a safe, effective and therapeutic complement to the mechanics of western medical practice. Guru Dharam is recognized as a highly experienced Teacher taught directly by Yogi Bhajan. He is registered as a KRI Mentoring Lead Teacher Trainer. (Levels One and Two)

Kartar Singh’s passion is to create experiences in which people can learn. My goal is to make the experience of yoga an experience of being real, a moment in time.Think of it this way—when you are doing the kriya you can be thinking of something else or you can be present with your consciousness, your body, and your mind in the moment. I have been practicing and studying KY since the early 70’s. It’s a path of physical yoga, and much more—it’s really a path for those who want to get growing, who are embarking on a path of spiritual development.  Kartar is the 2014 Kundalini Yoga Teacher of the Year.