A Place to Breathe was specifically created to help people feel comfortable, safe, and supported when learning stress reduction techniques such as meditation and yoga.  We know it takes courage to try something new and we honor that journey. We also know there are many paths – we hope each student can find a practice that connects them to their best self. The owners of AP2B began their individual paths to meditation and yoga through their personal struggles and losses due to illness – the practice was life changing.  Johannah and Sohan Raj (Crystal) owned A Place to Breathe Meditation and Yoga Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia for 9 years.  In 2018 they transitioned the business to a more mobile concept, offering workshops and retreats, as well as classes in and around Charlottesville.  A Place to Breathe continues to offer it’s Comfort Yoga Program teaching yoga in senior centers and rehabilitation facilities to those who can not come to a studio.