Mission Statement

A Place to Breathe was specifically created to help people feel comfortable, safe and supported when learning stress reduction techniques such as meditation and yoga.  We know it takes courage to try something new and we honor that journey. We also know there are many paths – we hope each student can find a practice that connects them to their best self. The owners of AP2B began their individual paths to meditation and yoga through their personal struggles and losses due to illness – the practice was life changing.  We love sharing what we have learned.  Johannah and Sohan Raj (Crystal) owned A Place to Breathe Meditation and Yoga Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia for 9 years.  Feeling the desire for expansion they closed the Charlottesville studio and broadened the business.  They now teach special events and retreats throughout the year.

Our Alexandria Team has been teaching in the community for 9 years as well.  Natalie is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher who specializes in children’s yoga and Jinen Conway is a Zen Buddhist priest who leads a meditation group in Alexandria.

Recent News:

Next Phase of A Place to Breathe:

Dear A Place to Breathe Family,

We wanted to let you know, after careful consideration, we have decided to make some big changes to our yoga business. As of October 15, 2018, A Place to Breathe will officially close its Charlottesville Studio, however, our business will remain headquartered in Charlottesville and we will continue to teach in the area. Due to successive rent increases, we have decided to forgo a static studio space in lieu of a more creative solution.

We are excited about what is bubbling up from this change. It is still evolving, but we will keep you up to date as things solidify.We are excited for what this shift means for us as well as our teachers. Many of our teachers have some new and exciting offerings for the community. As our plans, and the plans of our teachers, evolve, we will keep you informed via our newsletter.

Practicing with you over the past nine years has been an honor. This has been such a healing journey for us. We are humbled by, and grateful for, your friendships and the joy you have brought to the studio and to us over the years. We are also excited for this next phase of the journey and our continued relationship through practice.

A Place to Breathe will continue to offer retreats, workshops, trainings, and private sessions. The process to sign up for these offerings will remain unchanged … we will keep our website and the same phone number.

Sat Nam & Namaste

Crystal, Johannah, & Marsha