Below is information on our two community outreach programs.  For information on our Corporate or Comfort Programs contact Johannah Dottori:
434-245-8080 or

Corporate Events

Johannah and Crystal both come from the world of high pressure jobs. Johannah worked as a Director of Scheduling for a Cabinet Member in the Clinton Administration and Crystal retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2009 from the Pentagon:

Given their understanding of time constraints, we endeavor to introduce stress reduction techniques to businesses that require a short amount of time, but are highly effective for stress reduction, improved focus, and mental clarity. We can tailor the program to your businesses needs. Our services range from weekly classes to retreats. Contact us now to talk about how we can bring some of these skills to your team.

Yoga and Meditation are perfect additions to the workplace, they increase focus and are proven to increase productivity. A Place to Breathe has worked with:

Comfort Yoga – A program to bring yoga to our community

A Place to Breathe also has a mission of availability – we want these yogic tools in everyone’s hands and we want them available when they are needed most. To that end, we developed the Comfort Yoga Program. We can visit homes and facilities of those not able to come to a studio.   A Place to Breathe has worked with the following organizations: