1. Self Compassion

    The signs of Spring are here, slowly poking through the snow. At this time of the year we may be looking back on goals set for the new year and perhaps finding we have not fully committed to positive changes or may have dropped our goals all together. This cycle of goal setting and failing to meet our goals can feel very self defeating. So how can we acknowledge the difficulty of making positive c…Read More

  2. Self care is not a selfish act!

    We have been told since we were young that, inorder to love someone else, we must love ourselves first. Although we all know this to be true, practicing it is well....a practice. We must work with our negative mind, watch our self talk and take time for practices that put us in touch with our best self - on a regular basis. For many people, work, family, and life just get in the way of self care, …Read More

  3. The Importance of Recovery Time In Your Busy Life

    When days become shorter and colder, most mammals hunker down, hibernating or just physically moving more slowly through the winter. Not humans. For us, life only gets more frenetic when temperatures drop and the holiday season arrives. While the challenges that naturally arise in an active life can build strength, resilience, and confidence, a critical ingredient to that growth is easy to forget …Read More