1. Three Surprising Benefits of Our Yoga Classes in Charlottesville

    Most people know that our yoga classes in Charlottesville offer great physical and mental benefits. Yoga stretches and strengthens your muscles, helping give you more flexibility, a greater range of motion, and a better tone to your muscles. It's also a great time to relax and focus, giving many of the people in our classes a greater sense of well-being. But the benefits don't stop there! Here are…Read More

  2. Practice the art of being – unbalanced this Summer!

    Balance is a word used as the holy grail of peaceful, happy survival in an information laden and hectic life. But what if the true quest is not balance, but the ability to flow in and out of balance with a calm mind - the art of being unbalanced. In a yoga balance pose this is exactly what we practice, we find balance and loose it, find it and loose it. In the effort of balancing the body, we prac…Read More