1. Our Brain is Amazing!

    Last week I was able to hear a talk by Rick Hanson, author ofBuddha's Brain. I enjoyed it so much and really wanted to share a couple of his thoughts with you. First - wow our brain is amazing! Below is an excerpt from his paper: Buddha's Brain: The New Neuroscience and the Path of Awakening Inquiring Mind Fall, 2007. Thousands of years teachers and spiritual leaders of all paths have taught the b…Read More

  2. Spring Clean the Body and Mind

    We always think of the New Year as a time for healthy habits, but Spring is a great time to dust off the cobwebs. Just as we feel like opening the door and letting that fresh Spring air into our homes, we can use the spirit of Spring to recharge our bodies and minds. Meditation and yoga are great ways to do just that! One of my teachers calls meditation, "a shower for the mind." Every day it seems…Read More