Our Signature Meditation Cushions help create your own place to breathe!

Where do our materials come from?

The 100% natural latex is surrounded by certified organic cotton. Latex comes from the rubber tree which grows in the tropics only. We get our latex from farms in India, all certified organic and totally sustainable. When the trees have reached the end of their life cycle, they are used in furniture. The organic cotton for the covers is grown in Texas. We then use manufacturers in North Carolina and Virginia to put the final product together.

How did we start making cushions?

Partnering with an organic mattress company, we found a material that actually made a new type of cushion and we think – the best cushion we have ever used. We were so thrilled with the support it provided we started selling the cushion locally and the feedback we got from our customers convinced us – this cushion is special.

Made from an organically grown latex – the same kind used in some organic mattresses, our cushion supports the body at the pressure points, allowing you to sit more comfortably for longer periods of time. Let’s face it, meditating and working with the mind is hard enough without your body aching.

We are proud of our product – because of how and what it is made of, but mostly because of the feed back we are getting from customers. We believe meditation can add much to a person’s life – if our cushion helps people with this practice – we are thrilled!