We always think of the New Year as a time for healthy habits, but Spring is a great time to dust off the cobwebs. Just as we feel like opening the door and letting that fresh Spring air into our homes, we can use the spirit of Spring to recharge our bodies and minds.

Meditation and yoga are great ways to do just that! One of my teachers calls meditation, “a shower for the mind.” Every day it seems more and more scientific research supports the many benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice. Take a listen to the video below and hear how getting on your cushion or mat can help you mentally bloom like the flowers in your garden! At A Place to Breathe Meditation and Yoga Studio find support to help relief stress, find peace in your day to day life and get that Spring cleaning started!

Clear Your Mind Routine | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles



Meditation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Bodhin Kjolhede at TEDxFlourCity